Intex Purespa Portable Hot Tub Reviews

People use the spa or water treatment to remove their anxieties and agonies. In fact, this is a type of water treatment that everyone longs for improving their skin and get a stout mental and physical health. The chemically treated spa water refreshes the body and mind and there are no health risks at all. Besides, cleaning of the tub has been made easier. So, a large number of intex pure spa portable hot tub reviews have opined this particular portable tub as the best one. In fact, the experience on this tub is thrilling for everyone who uses it for relaxation purposes.

About The Brand

The bran – Intex Recreation Corp has become a reputed brand globally. It is also famous for producing toys for kids, furniture, above ground pools, airbeds, boats and many other recreational elements. The brand has been in production for over 40 years with the finest quality. So, the intex pure spa hot tub reviews always get some positive remarks form the audience part. The brand has its branches in different parts of the world and committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction to its clients.   

About The Product

Usually, the intex pure spa portable hot tub reviews have termed it as the best built-in hard water treatment system for its special features. The water is gentler on the skin while the other hot water tubs are more prone to burn the skin. The experience is soothing and there are fewer heat losses for this specific hot water tub. The tub comes with some special safety features which are not available with the other hot water tubs and the maintenance is also easier. Moreover, the tub can accommodate four persons at a time and the water remains substantially warm even after an irregular use.

Features of Intex Purespa Portable Hot Tub

Easy digital control panel

This is a great machine that could be use easily with a digital control panel. Sometimes, the inflatable hot tubs come with a complex system of controlling the bubbles and require different sorts of maintenance. But this one comes with a simple mechanism and the jets inside the tub is activated with the pressing of the switch from the digital control panel.  The temperature level may also be control using the control panel as well.

Adjustable heating system

Temperature preference differs and one may not prefer the temperature level preferred by the other. So, there are chances to create a ‘situation’ while using this spa for a couple of people. To avoid all such issues, there adjustable heating system is attach with this inflatable tub. The users are able to adjust the heating system to their needs and comfort. But in the other inflatable hot tub, the system is not found in regular basis or this is the subject of customization.


The intex pure spa portable hot tub reviews have opined that this is a durable inflatable hot tub than the other hot tubs available in a market. The majority of the hot tubs get damage in different forms and requires repair. But this particular one is different from the other and is produced with the latest technology and raw materials. As a result, when the users lean on the wall or sit on the tub lining, there are no damages caused. Besides, the rubbers used in the tub is thick that also lasts for longer days and chances to get puncture is less than the thin rubber made inflatable hot tubs.


The intex pure spa hot tub reviews prefer it most for its portability. Since the operating system for the tub is simple, it is easier to carry the tub from one place to another. Installation of the spa is also easier and thus the users do not need to worry over re-installation of the tub in the new place. In fact, the users do not need to set up again on a new location if they set the tub in the beginning. Only you will be in need to inflate the tub with the provided (comes with the tub) hose in the changed location.

Simple maintenance

Most of the other inflatable hot tubs need a good maintenance but the users of Intex PureSpa will relieved from such troubles. The maintenance of the hot tub is easier than that of the other spa tubs. The cartridges are refillable and need less manual labor of force. So, the users need not worried over its maintenance.


Safety and security

This is a secured and safe inflatable hot tub. The tub comes with an insulated cover. So, there are no chances to get troubled with electric shock or any other mishaps. Besides, the heat loss could minimized using the controls and as a result, there are fewer chances of any unwanted accidents.


Intex PureSpa comes with some specific features and been being use by a large number of people. This inflatable hot tub enabled to accommodate around 4 adult people (the number may vary if there are kids in the tub) with a capacity of 210 gallons of water to completely fill the tub. Besides, the water heat level is also controlled to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The tub is 28 inches taller from the ground while the diameter is 57 inches by 77 inches when the tub inflated. So, it does not take a long space to setup the tub.

How to use

Using the tub is easy. Most of the cases, the people who want to use it becomes worried about the use of the tub. Sometimes, they are see using video manuals during the installation. Before, using the tub, the users are to make sure that they have taken a bath. If they do not take the bath before jumping in the tub, there are several chances that the inflatable tub water will get dirty shortly and the water will also contaminated with different germs attached with the body. Besides, since the diameter of the tub is smaller than a swimming pool, it is imperative not to move much inside the tub. It is a must to regularly drain the water and clean the inside for a better durability and comfort.


Installation of the tub is not that much difficult rather much easier than the most other contemporary inflatable tubs. The tub users need to setup the tub with the instructions on the user manual. They just will be in need to inflate the tub, fill the tub with water, plug-in the jet connection and start using the tub after unpacking the units from the delivery box. Inflate the tub with the included pump, place it at an outdoor location, join the plug with a regular switch box and your tub is ready! But when you are setting up the tub inside a room, it should ensured that the room is large enough with proper ventilation to house the tub and water splashing is not a troublesome issue on the room.

  • Inflatable soft inside
  • Quick inflation
  • Simple digital control
  • Gentle bubbles
  • Heat pump to warm water
  • Insulated cover
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy mobility
  • Energy saving
  • Long electric cord
  • Delayed heating process
  • Troubles with heat pumps and bubbles
  • Black rubber ring to avoid leaks
  • Cannot be use for extended period at a time
  • Manual cleaning of dirt and bugs
  • Extension cord recommended
  • Louder noise with bubbles


Despite few negative aspects, this is a very good inflatable hot tub and comes with some special features and standards than the other spa tubs. The tub is economic and the manufacturers agreed on a 30-day money return policy if you have troubles with the tub. This is the spa that comes to a lower budget and if space is smaller or if there are no outside space available for the users. Besides the tub is really comfortable to many extents for its well-made features. Generally, the tub comes with a one-year warranty but the events of replacement are fewer than expected to compare the tubs of different other brands.

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