How to tighten a chainsaw chain

The applications of chainsaw experienced a great boost in recent days. The popularity of the device increased as it has made cutting jobs easier for the users. But trouble occurs when the chainsaw becomes loose. This is quite natural. The chainsaw chain may get loosed for many reasons and mostly it happens when you are on a cutting job. The best way to tighten the chainsaw is to take it to the repair shop. But if you are unable to manage enough time to take it to the shop; few tips below will guide you to do it yourself.

Take a test

Before you start the tightening, take a prior test. Hold the saw, grasp the chain from the center and then lift the chain. If the chain immediately gets back to the former position with the bar then there is nothing to worry about. But if the chain takes the time or falls in a different position, it needs tightening. The chain tension is a bit loose and you have to adjust it.

To increase the tension of the chain, the chainsaw’s bar needs to be adjusted outward. Most chainsaws come with a combination wrench/screwdriver for this very purpose, and while variations of bar adjustment methods exist depending on the brand of the chainsaw, most follow the same basic procedure:

Remove the nuts

In this stage, you have to remove the guide bar side panel. You will need a screwdriver or a wrench for this purpose. This is too easy to do. Just use the screwdriver and remove the nuts that attach the guide bar side panel with the chainsaw body. Make sure all the nuts are removed properly so that you do not damage the panel.

Adjust the tension

The screws that hold the tension is just aside the guide bars. You just have to adjust the tension screw using the screwdriver. This is also a simple process. When you will touch the tension screws, you may find them a bit loose. Simply, you have to tighten them so that they get back in their former position and hold the chain perfectly. In fact, these are the screws that tighten the chain.

Due to massive performance, the screws may get loose. It may happen for the external vibrations or for using the saw for a longer period of time. Actually, nothing to worry about in this case and this is usual trouble that occurs with a chainsaw.

Before you close the operation, make sure the chain has been tightened enough. If you find the chain is still in a loosening state, you need to tighten the screws again using the screwdriver. But one thing should be kept in mind that you should use the prescribed screwdriver. Not all the screwdrivers are able to unscrew the nuts used in a chainsaw.

However, now double-check again the chain if it is on the former state, and made necessary corrections on the nuts before you close the operation.

Close the operation

This is the final stage. Here, you have to close the repair by screwing the guide bar side panel. Reverse the way you did in the beginning. Tighten the guide bar side screws properly using the same screwdriver that you used before.

Check the cut

In this stage, you can cut something to ensure the chainsaw chain has been tightened properly. For more information on how the chainsaw chain works click here.

Last Words

You have to be careful while applying the chainsaw on surfaces. Do not overuse this cutting tool. If there are any serious damages, you need to talk to the manufacturer.

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