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How to Remove a Tree Stump with a Chainsaw

Trees are undoubtedly useful to our environment to many extents. But sometimes, we need to cut the trees down for many reasons. When they are largely grown in the yards, people cut down the old trees to create room for the newer ones. When the old trees are removed from the spaces, they are replaced with the newer ones. It also changes the look of the yards.

But people most of the times suffer from the tree stumps. They cannot remove the stumps properly as they do not know actually what to do in this case. They just cut the trees down and start thinking that the responsibilities are over. If you use a chainsaw, you can cut down the trees and at the same time, you can remove the tree stumps easily as well.

To do that, you will need to follow some easy measures described below.

Firstly, you need to clean the area where the tree stumps are lying. Make sure the entire space is clean as the cutting of the stump will result in dust and debris.

In this stage, you need to ensure your safety. In fact, the application of a chainsaw to cut down a tree is easier. But when this is about removing a tree stump, you need to take more precautionary measures. The tree stumps produce troubles for the user and so you need to follow the safety measures rightly. Wear your safety gloves and other necessary safety materials before you start for the job. Wearing goggles will protect your eyes. Besides, you can also use protective clothes as well.


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Removing the stump is the second task that you will need to do now. In fact, this removal process is simpler than your imagination.  You just need to cut the stump using a chainsaw to near the ground. Sometimes, users experience some bumps as they cannot place the saw exactly. So, you are to follow a slow motion. Do not rush. If you make a hurry, you can injure. After taking the precautions, cut the stump rightly.

This is the fourth stage. Once the stump cutting from the ground is complete, clean the area properly. Then remove the stump using a hand tool. But before you do that, make sure you dug the stump rightly to see the roots. Unless the roots are seen, you cannot pull out the stump rightly.

In this fifth stage, you will need to cut the tree roots. Use the chainsaw blade and cut the roots slowly. Actually, if you make it speedy, the blade will be cover with dust and mud that attach with the root. Besides, your blade may also damage to some extent if you randomly start cutting the roots after digging more into the stump.

The finals stage arrives now. All the necessary tasks done to remove the tree stump. It would be easier to pull out the stump now as not roots are attached with the ground. Actually, the roots are the key elements that keep the trees attached to the ground. And if you want to remove the stump completely, you have to be careful and follow few steps to remove it completely.

Finally, you need to cut out the other roots if you find. This is quite natural that some of the roots might be attached even after making the stump lose. If you discover them, cut them with patience. If you need to clean the lower part, clean them and cut smoothly.

This is the simple guide to remove a tree stump using a chainsaw. The process is simple but you have to follow the rules. If you want to make it quick, the result will be unsatisfactory.


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