How to Cut Tree Roots With a Chainsaw

Undoubtedly, trees are useful to us in many terms. We plant trees everywhere. But often we become irritated with the tree roots. In fact, they cause serious troubles when we cannot uproot the roots. The troubles occur most when we cut down trees at our home or at yards. In fact, the tree roots cause trouble in a smooth movement, and sometimes there are chances of injuries for your babies too. Hence, the best way is to remove the tree roots completely using a chainsaw. But many of you might not have the right idea how to use a chainsaw to cut tree roots. The texts below will help you get some know-how to do the job.

You can remove the trees using some professional services around you. Otherwise, you can also remove the tree roots using a few techniques. If you are unwilling to hire a professional service, the ways are here for your consideration.

You can do it simply following the four steps below –

The preparation stage

This is the first step of cutting a tree stump with a chainsaw. You need to take the necessary preparations. At first, make sure you have your chainsaw. Besides, the area should be free of unwanted people or things. In fact, when you will cut the tree stump, there might be tree chips here and there which may cause injuries to people who are present there. Also, gather some additional tools like an ax to chop the stump.

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Cutting tree roots

This is the first step in cutting the tree roots with a chainsaw. Make sure you are cutting the tree roots perfectly with the chainsaw. Each of the sides of the roots should be cut down rightly. Usually, people cannot cut the tree roots properly. They believe that the tree roots are easy to cut down. But in reality, they are hard to cut. If you don’t have a very sharp chainsaw, you would be unable to get the desire to cut. Even it may happen that the chainsaw teeth are breaking down while cutting a tree root. So, once you get the right chainsaw, cut the roots from every side.

Slicing the roots

Slicing the stump is a good idea if you cannot manage to cut the root in some other ways. Actually, slicing the entire root into several pieces would help you to remove the stump smoothly. Make several slices with the chainsaw. But you have to be careful while operating the chainsaw. Use both of your hands to hold the chainsaw tight when you slice the root. A loose handle can cause some serious damage.

Remove the woods

No matter if you slice or cut the roots horizontally, now remove the woods from their former position. Altering the root is another way to remove the stump once the chainsaw cutting is done. Even after cutting or slicing the stump, if you cannot move it or pull it out, make a few more cuts. This will help to loosen the root from the soil. Once you are done with the loosening step, now you can easily pull out the root.

Finally, your tree root is out of its place. Do not worry if your chainsaw does not work properly or if you cannot handle that. Almost all the chainsaws are strongly made. So, there are chances that the chainsaw will work perfectly unless the tree stump is exceptionally hard. Following the aforesaid steps, you can easily get rid of the tree roots and enjoy a clean yard or garden.

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