How to Clean a Chainsaw Chain

The application of chainsaws has made life easier. But, you should know how to clean a chainsaw chain. It helps you to cut things and of course, smoothly. Chopping takes less time than before. The troubles of life have been reduced with the help of a chainsaw.

But, you are in trouble often with the cleaning of the chainsaws. They cannot get the right performance from the saw as those sharp tools become dirty and filthy after a couple of use. Thereby, this is important to know about the chainsaw cleaning steps. It will help you to clean their chainsaws and get better service in the next application. Besides, regular cleaning also helps to prevent untoward accidents and even deaths.

When you will use a chainsaw covered with clouds of dust and dirt, there are chances of accidents. Besides, it will also help to extend the lifespan of the saw. Thus, it would be best if you know to clean them up and get a nice performance in the later phases.

How to Clean a Chainsaw Chain: Best Easy Steps

The chain

The chain of the chainsaw is the most important part. You need to clean it properly to have a comparatively better service. The chain cleaning helps reducing accidents, kickbacks and more.

Remove the chain, and make sure the saw is not touched while cleaning the chain. This is easy to remove the chain from its position – you will need to loosen the bolt or knob that is holding the chain in its position. Then, rub the chain with a liquid cleaner. Not all cleaners can make the right cleaning. You also will need to add some water to the cleaning solution to make it work perfectly.

Soak the chain on the solution for half an hour and then use a brush to gently scrub the chain. Once the chain is clean, dry it to prevent rusts. Reassemble the chain in its former position.

Here is a video you can build that create about clean your chainsaw

Carburetor cleaning

Cleaning is an important part that allows the fuel to flow. You may experience trouble with the engine. Before cleaning, drain the carburetor and check the screws if they are on position. Now clean the air filler, then the cover plate and air intake. Don’t miss the needle valves too. A compressed air cleaner would be perfect to remove all the unwanted objects from the carburetor. Reassemble the pieces as you did before.

The teeth

Sharpening the cutting teeth is another aspect of cleaning a chainsaw. Remove the saw from the chainsaw body. Or if you cannot remove it or feel uncomfortable to remove from the position, you can sharpen it without moving the chain.

Get a sharpening tool and make sure ever teeth are sharpened. The teeth should be sharp and be pointing towards the bar nose. If the teeth are not pointing in the right direction, they would be unable to provide the right cutting. Turn the saw upside down to sharpen the lower teeth. So, sharpen them and check using your finger. But avoid pushing the finger too hard. It may lead to your finger cut.

This should be noted that a chainsaw is a simple cutting device. You do not need worries to open or reassemble it. You can do it even without being an expert. Make sure you are reassembling the parts to the points and adjusting the nuts and screws in the right manner.

Once the cleaning is done, check the tool is on the right condition and also test cutting. If there is everything right, use the device for meeting your next needs.

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