How Chainsaws Work

Chainsaws are truly essential tools at certain times. You should know how chainsaw work to cutting down trees. But this might sound inhuman. In fact, cutting down trees is not a simple issue. Trees save our environment and help us in numerous ways.

There are certain times when you need to remove the trees. For instance, when there is a cyclone and a tree fell on your roof, you need to remove the tree. And in that case, the importance of a chainsaw will appear. And of course, you will not think that cutting down a tree is not illogical all the time. In fact, removal of the tree would be the top priority and a chainsaw could do that very well.

But have you ever wondered how a chainsaw works? Well, many of us do not ponder over the issue. Having knowledge of the chainsaw mechanism is beneficial for the users to many extents. If you have some knowledge of how a chainsaw works, you could perform some minor repairing tasks for the saw. Besides, the knowledge would also be helpful to run the saw in a perfect manner. So, a comparative discussion here will help you to know more about the issue.

What a chainsaw is

Many of the users do not have a theoretical idea about a chainsaw. And this is a common issue for everyone. If you ask to draw a picture of a chainsaw, they would be able to do that but if you ask how it functions, they would not be able to describe it. A chainsaw is the combination of a chain, a saw, and an engine. These components are the key parts that make a chainsaw.

In fact, the name suggests lots of things about the tool. A blade is inserted into a chain. Then the chain is covered with a long metal bar. Besides, there is a gasoline engine and to some points, you can also use batteries as well for the operation. The saw has around 30 teeth and all of them are sharp. The teeth are made from durable steel.

The chain spins around and the saw is able to move the saws in a fast manner. In fact, the chain is moved by the engine that runs using battery or gasoline.

How it actually works?

The working process of a chainsaw is simply explained here for a better comprehension of the readers.

Chainsaw Engine

A chainsaw comes with an engine. The engine runs with fuel or battery and sometimes you can use them both. Different types of engines are available for a chainsaw. You can use either a two-stroke engine or even a gasoline engine. Besides, some of the engines work with batteries as well. People mostly use the one which suits them the most.

Starting Mechanism

The starting mechanism is the key part of a chainsaw. When you need to use the chainsaw, you have to press the starting mechanism. The mechanism may contain a button or a cord that you need to pull to start the chain.

Throttle and Engine Control

This particular section allows you to start the throttle and control the engine. Using the throttle, you have to control the engine power. When the power would be more, you have to press the throttle to control the engine. Similarly, if you need more power, you can increase that by pressing the throttle in the opposite direction.

Guide Bar and Chain

The guide bar comes with a rounded metal piece and made from wear-resistant steel. The guide bar is responsible to hold the chain position. And the bar is also used to hold the chain position.


The handle is used to hold the entire chainsaw. Using the handle, you can move or navigate the saw based on your needs or directions you want to cut. Some of the handles are easier and for that reason, the operation becomes easier.

Fuel tank

The fuel tank is attached to the chainsaw body. It helps to contain the fuels or oils that run the saw. The fuel is supplied to the engine through a pipe. You can control the flow of fuel too in case of needs. Besides, when the engine gets the fuel, a connecting rod and crank create a motion that runs the piston. The engine works.

Centrifugal clutch

The task of the centrifugal clutch is highly important. Though the engine remains on all the time, it is not operational unless the centrifugal clutch is triggered. It basically plays the role of the connector between the chain and the engine. The chain starts moving when the throttle is pulled.

A great speed

All the components altogether create a great speed. The chain runs and it helps to cut the things that people want. When you want to chop wood, it may take a long time if you want to chop them manually. But using a chainsaw helps to make the task easier.

Last words

The functions of a chainsaw are simply described here. They are of great help to users. In fact, chopping woods or cutting some other solid materials become easier with the application of a chainsaw. Earlier, chopping woods and cutting other materials was a tough job for many of the people. But with the invention of the chainsaw, it becomes easier.

The functions described here would be beneficial for the readers to know about the chainsaw and apply them effectively for their respective purposes.

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