Best Rated Electric Pressure Washers for Home

Are you looking for the best rated electric pressure washers for home or commercial use? This electric power washer comes in 2020 with special features.

Usually, the most powerful electric pressure washer is known for its use in removing mud, dirt, paint, grim, etc. from different objects including house, building, cars, surfaces, etc. an extreme level of pressure emits the water to remove the unwanted objects. In fact, the emitted water has great pressure. With the heavy pressure, the clearing process is done and the objects or places become cleaner within a few minutes. The majority of the best electric power washer reviews are on the view that this is a must for people who are conscious of the surrounding environment.

The formation of the pressure washer is easy and it works with a machine inside the pump. The water speed is adjustable and creates pounds of pressure on the surface it is being applied for.  People use varieties of nozzles after their needs and requirement and mostly based on the size and shape of the surface. Whatever the nozzle sizes are, they work fine. This detailed review will help you to choose the best electric power washer on the market.

#1 Sun Joe Spx3000 2030 Psi 1.76-Best Rated Electric Pressure Washers for Home

If you are searching for the best electric power washer for home use, this is the perfect match for you. The product comes with some special features that have made it easier to use and at the same time, people adore the product for its versatile nature.

The manufacturers have made the product in such a sophisticated manner that it can deliver a very quick cleaning to surfaces and the places where the users apply the hose. Sun Joe SPX3000 comes with an 1800 Watt motor which is able to do a rapid cleaning. It can provide 1.76 GPM water flow in case of necessity and this is the highest delivery for this product.


Sun Joe SPX3000 also comes with double tanks that could be filled with either detergent or water. It seems like cleaning is a game with this washer. In addition, the users can detach the tanks if they need it.

The product also features detergent selection dial and can reach to a height of a 20 to 25 feet altogether. The product also comes with a power cord of 35 feet in length, hose adapter and automatic shut off a system. Because of the auto shut down system, the washer saves energy

  • Energy saving electric washer of the time
  • Can reach the unreachable areas under vehicles and surfaces
  • 1800-watt powerful motor works rapidly
  • 35 feet power cord for a comfortable use
  • Double detergent tanks
  • 2-year warranty
  • Manufacturing error may occur
  • Cheap threading often causes trouble with nozzle

#2 Ivation 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM-Best for Cars, [R]ATV’s, Boats, and Homes, Driveways, Decks & Patios

This is a great device to clean your places including your garage, cars and other things which get dirty. These electric power washer reviews adore this washer for its special performance. The device has a strong motor and it can create a 2200 PSI pressure to clean the dirt and grim.

Because of the powerful motor, Iviation Electric Pressure Washer can clean the surface within a short time and they look like new. The use of the device is versatile and thus the users can apply the device to their needs. Moreover, the setup of the device is easier than other ordinary electric cleaners.

buyThe device comes with an auto-shutoff feature that saves time and security for the users as well. Furthermore, the washer is able to clean almost all types of surfaces regardless of concrete or wood. The motor of the washer belongs to 1600 watt which means this is a great device for common use.

Often people struggle with the operation of the electric washers but they do not need to worry now about this piece. The operation and maintenance of the washer are easier. The device comes with nozzles that the users can connect quickly. The gun hose is connected with copper for durable use.

  • 2200PSI pressure cleans dirt and grime easily
  • Easy setup of the device
  • Quick connecting nozzles
  • Reaches to the corner
  • Diversified use of nozzles
  • Auto-shutdown feature
  • The burning smell comes out of the washer
  • Comes with a cheap electric cord
  • No warranties for the product

#3 AR Blue Clean Ar383 Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR383 is one of the great tools to clean your backyard or lawn tools or the unreachable areas of your vehicle. The features of the products have made cleaning easier than other devices. The electric washer is able to bring a new and fresh look on the surfaces it cleans.

The manufacturer of the product is producing some other globally renowned products as well. As a result, they know about the demands of their products and been making them easy to use. The AR Blue Clean AR383 is too easy to use and simple in assembling. The users do not need to worry about the assembly as they do in the case of other electric washers.

buyBut the users could be more beneficial if they use this specific electric washer in their home cleaning activities. The tool has been manufactured to tackle smaller tasks perfectly. But probably it is also the best one to use in outdoor to clean the concrete surfaces, cleaning cans, gardening tools or even cleaning the furniture.

When the washer cleans the wood surfaces, they look glazy and get a new look. Besides, when vehicles get dirty, the users can apply the device to clean their vehicles and the task is easy.

  • The entire washer is simple to assemble
  • Great tool for home and outdoor use
  • Easy to use the accessories and device
  • Cleans smoothly and brings a new look
  • Pressure hose raise 20 feet
  • Comes with 35 feet power cord
  • Adjustable parts and tools
  • Made with less durable plastic
  • Dispenser creates trouble while spraying
  • Leaks from inside

#4 Karcher 2000 Psi 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Karcher K5 Premium 2000 PSI 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Power Washer is a great tool for those who want a higher performance. Because it comes with the best compatible tools and machines. In fact, may term it as one the best electric power washer 2020 for its versatile use and manufacturing issues.

The washer comes with a hose reel that is convenient to use. In addition, the hose is able to keep the pressurized reel safe and secured. Furthermore, the devices come with an induction motor that is durable. The manufacturers do not use any non-brand motor with this specific electric washer. Rather, they use the patented induction motor so that the users could use the product for longer days.

buyAs a result, the longevity of the motor gets a boost and lasts longer than the ordinary electric cleaners. The nozzle of this washer is usable at any outdoor situations and the nozzles deliver the highest possible speed and result in terms of cleaning the necessary grounds, surfaces or objects.

It seems that this is a perfect one for the outdoor cleaning activities. Opposite to the ordinary washers, it has a detergent tank. Usually, the customers need to attach the detergent tank from external sources but there are no such issues here.

  • Stronger motor for versatile use
  • Different use of the nozzle
  • Completely removes outdoor dirt and grim
  • Stylish look
  • Two-year warranty
  • Made with easily breakable plastic
  • Performance becomes slower after a couple of use
  • The motor burns unexpectedly

#5 Greenworks 1700 Psi 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

First of all, it is almost impossible to do without a powerful motor with your electric washer. Actually, a powerful motor helps to raise the water level and speed up the spray. Therefore, without a powerful motor, it is not possible to clean the grounds or surfaces or even removing the paint particles from the wall.

The GreenWorks GPW1702 comes with a 13 AMP motor that ensures a longer life for the washer. This is a universal motor and thus more reliable than the ordinary motors used in the electric washers. It is the source of reliable power during the cleaning process. Furthermore, the motor is able to deliver over one gallon of water every minute during the cleaning stage.

buyGreenWorks GPW1702 is the best tool if you want to clean some lighter grounds or stuff. For instance, it is a perfect fit for cleaning small areas like the car, unused windows, etc. The result might not be more effective if you apply it to any large spaces.

In addition, PWMA certification has increased its reputation to a different level. So, it is usable in almost every arena including household or small-scale outdoor use. The product comes with quick connecting nozzles that help the users to connect the nozzles easily and star operation.

  • Stronger motor than any other electric washers
  • Cleans dirt and grim smoothly
  • Versatile use of the product
  • Cleans a wide number of objects and surfaces
  • 25 feet high-pressure hose
  • 35 feet power cord helps to move easily with the product
  • Works on small size areas
  • Often manufacturing defects discovered
  • Weak warranty and after-sales service

#6 AR Blue Clean 1900 Psi Electric Pressure Washers

This is another gear for cleaning your household or garage or your vehicles. The washer is able to reach the farthest corner of the places which are unreachable by the other ordinary cleaners. The AR Blue Clean AR390SS comes with a powerful motor that has made the task easier for the users.

The motor that drives the piece belongs to 14 AMP. In consideration of horsepower, it contains the power of 1.6 HP. The pump is able to deliver a hue pressure with water and as a result, the dirt and grim clears and makes the space like a fresh one. This power washer is able to clean several surfaces like floors, woods, concrete, decks, and others.

buyThe power washer comes with a tri-axial pressure pump and it seems that the cleaning has become easier than ever before. Earlier, people used different other materials to clean their surfaces but now with the help of this washer, they do not need to apply any other materials for cleaning except water.

The users can apply the washer to clean their small vehicles as well like motor bikes, bicycles and even furniture and other outdoor equipment. The speedy washer removes all the dirt and grim away within a short time. The manufacturer has been producing the pump for over 50 years and thus it is a reputed power washer manufacturer.

  • Easy to use than other cleaners
  • 14 AMP strong motor
  • Professional level cleaning
  • Made with durable materials
  • 30 feet high-pressure hose
  • 35 feet power cord – more effective mobility
  • The hose may cause trouble
  • Hose leak is a usual event for this cleaner

#7 ARKSEN© 3000 PSI Power Electric High-Pressure Washer

It seems like that the professional or outdoor users of electric washers will be a bit disappointed with the ARKSEN© 3000 PSI Burst Power Electric High-Pressure Washer. The washer comes with a design that suits only the home use alone.

The users will be unable to perform any large-scale task with this washer because the design and functionality of the cleaner will not support those. But the cleaner is able to clean the small things perfectly and they will shine like a branded stuff.

The power washer is able to clean things like your bike, car, driveway or the sidewalk of your home. Furthermore, the pressure washer is moveable from place to place as it comes with the wheel. As a result, the users are able to carry the cleaner in places they are in need of.

buyThe compact design of the pressure washer has made it more attractive than any other ordinary power washers. The shape, size, and color are admirable. Besides, the power washer comes with 20 feet pressure hose.

So, the users would be able to use the hose pipe to 20 feet above the ground to clean any unwanted objects. In addition, the handle is comfortable to use. So, the users do not need to concern anymore to carry the power washer.

  • Compact and ergonomic design attracts all
  • Comes with eye-catching color
  • 3000 PSI burst that cleans perfectly
  • Pistol style grip, comfortable to handle
  • Built-in soap dispenser with the washer
  • Durable motor, used in industries
  • Only 20 feet cord
  • Not usable in a professional level
  • A complex adjustment of the devices

#8 AR Blue Clean AR383SS 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Most of all, the power washers clean the dirt, grime and other unwanted objects from different surfaces like cars, houses, different types of floors like stone or concrete floor, door slides, fences, garages and other places which you need to keep clean. This is a perfect match to clean such places with its powerful motor. In fact, the power washer comes with a 13 AMP strong motor which ensures its durability. In addition, the power cleaner is also made with reliable materials so that the users can have the very best use of the device. After cleaning with this electric pressure washers, the places become fresh and looks nicer than before.

buyProbably this is one of the most impressive power electric power washers that has been in use for a long time. In fact, this has been possible for the product’s quality and durability.

Only using detergent is enough to clean the surface because the pressure from the hose cleans the entire surface clearly with the help of the detergent.

Furthermore, this is a great tool for outdoor use. Some of the power washers are suitable to use only indoor or for home use alone while this is the opposite. It is able to clean the outdoor things and stuff in the right manner.

  • This is a durable best electric power washer
  • A great fit for outdoor use
  • Works on almost all types of surfaces
  • Comes from a great manufacturer
  • Strong motor
  • Weak water hose unable to execute heavy tasks
  • Motor burning is a concerning issue

#9 GreenWorks 1600 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer 

GreenWorks GPW1602 is one of the most popular electric power washers that comes with some specific features and qualities. Most of the users are satisfied with the service they get from this cleaning device. Amid thousands of electric pressure washers, this has gained much fame among the users. You can also check its reviews on some electric pressure washer reviewing websites.

The users have reviewed the device based on some specific categories. Cleaning with this device is easier than the other devices. The range of surfaces it cleans is huge. It is able to clean the light as well as heavy surfaces. Deep cleaning is another feature of this product.

buyFurthermore, this is a 1.2 GMP electric pressure washer that is able to perform a different range of activities. The induction motor is 13 AMP which supplies the necessary power to perform all the tasks. The nozzles are connectable quickly and thus the user has become easier.

Because of its powerful motor, it lasts longer than the other ordinary electric pressure cleaners. The versatile use of the device has earned great popularity for the washer. Furthermore, the washer comes with an interchangeable wand – a convenient feature for the users.

  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Power cord storage
  • Attractive metal frame design
  • Easily portable for its wheels
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • 2 GPM blasts away the dirt, grim and muds
  • 35 feet power cord
  • The trouble with hose adjustment
  • 20 feet high hose pressure

#10 Karcher 1800 PSI 1.3 GPM Electric Power Pressure Washer

Maybe this is one of the best electric power washers which run after the user. Literally. With its wheel, it is easily movable from one place to another. The washer comes with highly equipped front and rear wheels that make mobility easier for the washer. The application of the washer is also easier. The quick-connect system makes it easy to use the washer at any place.

Furthermore, the versatile use of the device has increased its popularity among the users in different nations. The onboard detergent tank has become a convenient option for the users. Now they do not need to carry the detergent tank with their hands or arrange any external measures to keep the tank safe.

buyIn addition, the device is usable for almost all types of surfaces. Earlier, people used to buy several types of cleaners to clean their stuff and things. But this is a kind of best electric power washer that cleans all types of surfaces easily. The users just need to hold the hose and spray the detergent on the spots they want to clean. Since the entire washer follows the user, they do not need to care for the other things at all.

  • Wheels are the greatest advantage of this washer
  • A great tool for cleaning cars and bikes
  • Able to clean versatile surfaces
  • Durable than the other electric pressure washers
  • Easy assembly system
  • Hose leak is intolerable
  • Attractive outside design but inside conditions are poor
  • May stop without showing any cause

Final Thought

In conclusion, I think the Sun Joe SPX3000 is the best electric power washer made so far. Furthermore, the electric power washer reviews term it as the best electric power washer in 2020. Comparing all the features, the Sun Joe SPX3000 is the best electric power washer for home use. This is the perfect match for home use. The potential users can use this best electric power washer for their daily needs and keep their household, garage, vehicles, door slides, furniture, and most noteworthy objects clean as long as they want. Undeniably, it would be a good investment for them.

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