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The Best Patio Heater – 2020 Reviews and Top Picks

If you want to pass a warm evening or night at your lawn or any open space, the best patio heater is there for you. In fact, the commercial outdoor heaters are the perfect match in such cases. The article will guide you to get the best patio heater in 2020. It is composed of the data derived from patio heater reviews. So, the readers of the article will get a clearer idea to pick the right patio heater for them. The most noteworthy heaters are reviewed here with their features and qualities. As a result, the readers will have scopes to choose the best one as they need considering their surrounding environment.

#1 Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater – Best Patio Heater

This is a great tool for your professional outdoor use. The best patio heater produces heat which is not possible to other heaters to produce. Besides, the heater burns quietly and produces almost no noise while burning. Moreover, the heater has a substantial range of heating diameter which makes it effective to sit in scattered place. In fact, the heater is opposite to the ordinary heaters rather it is more impressive than the others. It has a great look and simple use. Sometimes, the users are to struggle with heater installment, either they are to consider some troubles or they have to hire professionals. But there are no such issues with this Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater. They are easy to install.


Sometimes, the heaters come with complex instructions for regular use. The users are unable to comprehend the instructions and the situations turn worst when they start using the heaters. But the easy use and clear instructions have made it one the most popular heaters. It is extremely easy to operate and maintain. The flames are adjustable and thus the users can get the right amount of heat after their needs. The users also do not need to think about the safety issue because it comes with some great safety features.

  • The heater is easy to use
  • Wheel have made easy portability for the heater
  • A one-year warranty comes with the heater that makes it more attractive
  • It has an output of 46,000 BTU which covers a wide area
  • Stainless steel burner makes it durable than other ordinary patio heaters
  • Weak parts reduce the longevity of the heater
  • The heating range may vary which appears inappropriate to many
  • Manufacturing errors found frequently

#2 Belleze48,000BTU Premium Patio Heaters

Seeing the best patio heater for your lawn? Well, you are in the right place in the direction about having the perfect commercial outdoor heaters after your requirements. Belleze 48,000BTU Premium Patio Heater is one of the pieces that the users can make stable with water. They will just need to pour some water on the weight bladder. Also, they can use sand instead of water to fill the bladder. The heater comes with some special features like the users can adjust the heating system. Often it becomes difficult to deal with the heaters. When the heaters are fixed, the users are unable either to increase or decrease their heat. But the control knob of this heater helps to adjust the heat level.

buyBesides, the range of the heater allows the users to feel comfortable at a limited distance from the heater. It happens because the best patio heater covers a large space with the heat. Probably the anti-tilt mechanism has made it more popular in the market rather than the other ordinary outdoor heaters. The heat output of the heater is 48,000 BTU that makes a comfortable use of the heater for a longer time. Though the heaters come with a large size, it is easier to move the heater from place to place for its wheels.

  • Easy to use than other ordinary heaters
  • The anti-tilt mechanism, not found in other devices
  • The heating range covers 15 feet at a time
  • Automatic shutdown option when heater tilts
  • Easily portable from one place to another
  • Manufacturing errors with the heaters
  • It may not cover 15 feet always
  • There are some ignition problems with the heater

#3 AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-WCBT Tall Patio Heater

This is another attractive heater for outdoor use. The outlook of the heater makes it better to look at while the use of the heater remains the same. The performance of the heater is improved in some cases than the ordinary heaters. AZ best patio heater is able to provide a 41, 000 BTU. In addition, the heater comes with a temperature control system that allows the users to control the heater temperature. The height of the heater is another important aspect. The heater comes with a height of 87 inches and hence it looks more attractive. Another important factor is the availability of the parts. As a result, the users can use the heater for longer days.


Usually, heaters are used to keep the environment warm during the cool weathers. Often people start their outdoor activities and suddenly get back home because of coldness. The heater is able to keep the environment warm at a limited range. In fact, this particular heater is able to provide heat at around 12 feet. The adjustable table has made the use of the heater easier. In addition, the heater is durable as this is made of steel. The steel is coated with the powder that has enhanced the durability. In a word, the heater makes the environment comfortable for the users in the days of cold weather.

  • The heater is durable than ordinary heaters
  • Great piece for small outdoor places
  • The heater is made with quality materials
  • The heater is moveable at any place
  • It comes with an adjustable table
  • The heater rusts very easily than other heaters
  • Manufacturing errors with the heater
  • Produces excessive heats

#4 Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

This is the best commercial patio heater for those who want to have a comfortable living. The heater is completely opposite to the ordinary heaters available in the market. In fact, the users can use the heater the year. This is the best patio heater with a comfortable heat to the users in their courtyard. The heater comes with great features and it is more powerful than the other available heaters of contemporary times. The heater suits any occasions and provides a sense of deep comfort to the users and the environment. Actually, the heater is usable at any time of the year. In addition, the heater comes with a great stability. The heater base is like a tank which could be filled either by water or by sand. So, when the parties will go on, the heater will stand still even after the parties are over.


Some of the patio heaters come with a complex ignition system. But the operation of this particular heater is easier. The most relevant issue to inform that the heater needs a gas cylinder. The users need to connect the heater to the gas cylinder and it will start working. Besides, the heater has become more popular for it comes with heat control features. The users can set the heat at their desired level and also they do not need to worry about the safety issues of the heater.

  • The heater is easier to use than the contemporary heaters
  • Heat control knob is the large and easy operation
  • The heater automatically shuts down by tilting
  • Powerful heater and produces 46,000 BTUs
  • Covers a wide area – around 18 feet
  • Less durable than other heaters
  • Heater parts are not available
  • Assembling is a bit difficult

#5 AZ HLDS032-B Portable Table Top Stainless Steel Patio Heater

AZ Patio Heaters are considered as one of the best stainless steel patio heater 2020 by the patio heater reviews. So, the heater is now popular across the world with its distinctive features. Usually, it is impossible to hold the event out of the home in the evening of a cold day or weather. Then the events take place inside the home and this reduces the enjoyment. First of all, a cold evening in not suitable to hold such events. Additionally, people do not want to participate in such outdoor events where there are no heaters available. As a result, it appears that the importance of the patio heaters is really great. This is a natural gas driven patio heater that you can use around the year.


The heater is a bit smaller in size – only 38 inch in length but comes with some strong features that are not available to the ordinary heaters. The heater can produce 11,000 BTUs at a time and the heat is controllable. The stability of the heater deserves admiration and the safety feature is worth mentioning. The anti-tilt safety device is a new attraction for this piece. When the users have this patio heater with them, they can extend their home to the backyard or at any outdoor spots. It makes the outdoor environment comfortable.

  • The heater comes with anti-tilt safety features
  • AZ Patio Heaters are easy to use
  • User-friendly products at a reasonable price
  • A one-year warranty has made it more attractive
  • Stainless steel finishing off the heater
  • Troubles may occur in installation stages
  • Poor heat radiation needs to sit closely with the heater
  • Unable to perform the job exactly

#6 Basics Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater

This is a commercial patio heater and in fact the best patio heater for all seasons. People need a patio heater for different purposes. This is most important in cold weather because at that time people cannot go out of home or even cannot do any backyard activities. Basics Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater is exceptional is the sense that this is a very powerful heater. It is able to provide comfort even in low temperatures. The people surrounding the heater will feel a sense of warmth. The party will go on. The host will not need to worry about the cold weather. The exceptional range of the heater will provide heat to the invited guests till they need.


Besides, the heater comes with a great stability. Therefore, the users do not need to worry about the balance of the heater. They can fill the tank with sand or water and it will stand like a statue. The users can also reduce the weight by draining out the water or removing the sand from inside of the tank located below of the heater. Safety is another feature with this heater. The users do not need to bother about the safety issues like the ordinary heaters. It comes with safety auto shut off tilt valve. The heater is moveable as it comes with wheels. So, the users do not need to think about carrying the heater from one place to another.

  • The powerful heater that produces 46,000 BTUs
  • Runs with LP gas cylinder
  • User-friendly operating system
  • Heat controlling knob to set the required level of heat
  • A stylish look for commercial grade stainless steel production
  • Unavailable parts for the heater
  • The tank is made of plastic, less durable
  • Ignition turns difficult after several uses

#7 Garden GS4400BK Sun Propane Patio Heaters

Garden Sun GS4400BK Floor Standing is one of the most impressive patio heaters in the market because it is more durable than the other available patio heaters. The operation of this heater is also simple – only a button to push that will ignite the heater. The most noteworthy feature of the heater is that it can radiate heat within a few minutes and the area under its range become heated. So, the users feel comfortable wherever the heater is placed. It is usable at any time of the year but the best result is available in the cold weather or during the winter. Besides, you can also use the heater whenever you are in need of it at any time of the day. The affordability is another important feature of the heater.


The heat level is controllable. The users can control the heat with a controller knob. The safety feature of the heater is mind blowing. There are fewer chances of accidents with the heater as the safety valve will shut down the heater immediately in any potential accidental case. The fuel tank is inside the heater base. The heater is able to produce 41,000 BTUs and thus the heat radiation reaches to around 15 feet. The heater being made with stainless steel can battle with unfavorable climatic conditions. The look of this heater is a marvel and you can check it on other patio heater reviewing websites.

  • The heater is durable than the other heaters
  • Garden Sun GS4400BK is made with stainless steel
  • It has a beautiful finishing that increases the beauty
  • Easy operation and lighting system
  • Incredible safety features and operation system
  • Despite the stainless body, it rusts easily
  • The propane tank may leak gas
  • Assembly of the heater is a bit difficult

#8 AZ HLDS01-SSHGT Tall Stainless Steel Patio Heater

It seems like that majority of the outdoor events take pale at indoor locations as people are unable to bear the cold situations. But with the help of the best patio heater in 2020, they can continue their activities and they do not need to worry about the chill. Often people organize for parties at their backyards but after sometimes they shift the party inside the warm room.

With the help of AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-SSHGT, it becomes easier to hold the events at the lawn or at the courtyard of your home. This is a tall heater and able to bring a sense of comfort to the users and especially the invited guests will feel comfortable with the warmth of the heater.


Besides, the cool safety features are also attractive to the users and there are almost no chances of any accidents for its anti-tilt switch safety device. The heater is able to radiate the heat around 12 feet diameter which creates a cozy environment in the place. In addition, the heater comes with an extra table and you can adjust the table to your needs.

Since the heater is made of steel, it is durable than the ordinary heaters. The heater is enabled to produce the heat of 41,000 BTUs which is not available to other heaters. Mobility is another advantage of the heater.

  • Extended heating range of 12 feet
  • Adjustable table for patio setting
  • Made with heavy duty steel
  • Produces 41,000 heat in a circle
  • Superior quality product and lasts longer
  • Complex assembly for the heater
  • Rusting is a common feature for this product
  • Delivery is not smooth and product gets damaged

#9 AZ Quartz Glass Tube Patio Heaters

If you need a higher patio heater, this one is perfect for you. This is an outdoor best patio heater that comes with a tall figure – 91 inch. The manufacturer is producing the heater since 2002 and since then it has been going on with an indomitable spirit. The users are highly satisfied with the heater because they do not have any resentment over its service and features.

So, they like the heaters most and consequently the heater is now under production in different other countries. The most attractive part of the heater is its look. It looks gorgeous really with a Quartz Glass Tube. As a result, the users can set it at any event organized in the outdoor setting.


Furthermore, the propane tank is easy to use and the access door has become useful. The users can change the gas easily. In addition, the heater is able to provide an output of 40,000 BTU which almost covers the entire area where the heater is kept.

This two-piece heater is easily transportable for the wheel. Besides, different authorities have checked the quality of the heater and the results are satisfactory. The parts for this specific type of heater is available everywhere, and hence the users do not need to concern over the issue.

  • Placement of the heater will Increase the beauty of the home
  • Useable at any time of the year regardless of seasons
  • Easily transportable from one place to another for wheeled base
  • Made with the best quality product and thus ensures durability
  • The heater is easy to use and completely safe
  • Unmovable with the propane tank in a filled state
  • Rusts quickly than the other patio heaters
  • Complex assemble system

#10 Endless Summer EWTR890SP Electric Tabletop Heater

First of all, this is a portable patio heater that runs on electricity. Hence, the users of the heater do not need to spend extra for its gas or oil. Besides, the best patio heater is able to keep the environment warmer even in the dip nights. The heater comes with a heat radiation diameter of 12 feet despite being a small piece in size. In fact, this is a table top patio heater and can be used at any place. It is mostly helpful to keep the venue warm and cozy. But before placing the heater at any spot, make sure you are placing the heater adjacent to a power outlet that can provide 120 volts.

The automatic shut off feature is another impressive attraction of this patio heater. it is different from the ordinary heaters in this sense that it uses a lamp to produce heat in the surrounding environment. Besides, the lamp is energy saving and provides a soft light with the necessary heating radiation. The heater has some decorative values as well and hence it looks gorgeous. A notable number of quality controlling agencies have checked the quality. So, you can have this one without any second thought.

  • A nice piece with decorative values
  • The lamp can radiate by a range of 12 feet
  • Completely secured with auto shut off feature
  • The heater comes with an eight feet cord for connection
  • The materials used to make the body are durable
  • Fails to prevent severe cold
  • The painting on the body is not long lasting
  • Faulty on/ off switch creates troubles


Considering all the aspects, it appears that Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater is the best patio heater. This is a commercial outdoor heater and the best patio heater 2020 for its features and advantages than the other ordinary heaters. Most of the heaters have their own advantages but none of them have so much as this one possesses. You can check on the heater on the web to get to know more about it. Most of the patio heater reviews are favoring this one for its durable use and comfort-ability. So, if you are planning to have a best patio heater for your home use, you can get this one. Hope the investment on this heater would not disappoint you.

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