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Grinders are of great use to people. And the statement is true if they can have the best grinders with them. On the market, the best weed grinder is available but you need to know which one is best for you. If you need the best herb grinder, 2020 for home use, you will need to go through the grinder reviews.

In fact, you have to know the use of a top rated grinder and how to select the best one after your needs and requirements. Before taking decision, as a user, you will need to know about the quality of the products – how they are made with, if there are any coated metallic alloys present with the grinder or not etc.

Reading a sold review of the available herb and weed grinders may help you decide about the selecting of the right one. Here is a review of 10 grinders which will help you to get the desired one.

# 1 Zip Herb Grinder

If you need a larger grinder for your needs, you can try this one. This is a great herb crusher and helps to crush the ingredients with smooth perfection. This is in fact a giant grinder in comparison with the other ordinary grinders. The piece is able to hold about six tablespoons of herb inside its chamber. This is also a powerful grinder. Grinding is easier with its sharped teeth and the final result is smooth.

The performance of this great device is praiseworthy and brings a sense of satisfaction in mind of the users. The top of the grinder is clear and it also comes with an acrylic window. The users can see inside the herbals and other ingredients with the transparent section.

The interior and the exterior of the grinder is quite strong and looks beautiful. The grinder made with aluminum of aerospace grade for better longevity. In fact, this is one you need for all your grinding needs. Reliability is the key aspect for this grinder.


  • Durable grinder
  • Largest size
  • Holds up to 6 spoons of herbs
  • Comes with pocket grinder
  • Powerful grinder
  • 49 teeth
  • Diamond shape teeth
  • Clear top
  • Clear side
  • Aerospace aluminum
  • Stainless
  • Better for dried herbs
  • Cheap metal
  • Plastic body

#2 Black Tie Herb Grinder – Best Rated Tobacco Grinder

Often the users of grinders complain that they are having trouble with their grinder cap. The cap does not stay is the right place and cause troubles. But there are no such issues with this piece. The cap comes with a magnetic lid that helps to keep the things in the position inside. Besides, the device made with the finest materials to make the grinding smooth.

Often the users cannot get the right amount of grind with their grinders and thus they need to grind twice or thrice at times. But they will be free of such issues with this grinder. In fact, grinding is almost effortless with this grinder for its special teeth. The grinder comes with a metal ring.

With the ring, durability of the grinder has increased while the other manufacturers use plastic in such cases. So, this is a plus point for the users of this grinder. The manufacturer takes pride in the sophistication of the grinder.


  • Premium design
  • 50 teeth
  • Grinds finely
  • Thirty-two holes
  • Easy herb filtering
  • Magnetic lid
  • Larger size
  • Smoothest grinding
  • Pollen chamber
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Pollen screen
  • Two pollen papers
  • Easy scraping
  • Screen loses shortly
  • Troubles with top lid
  • Small holes

#3 Phoenician Herbal Grinder

Majority of the grinders come in the market with the design that the users cannot be use to with. The designs do not have any special impacts on the users rather they are not friendly. But this Phoenician Engineering Grinders are not the same with the other grinders. They come with a design and innovative in all other approaches. The grip comes with the feature to handle the grinder easily.

Besides, the manufacturer has also considered about the comfort ability of the users. And thus this is a great device architecture and look. Keeping balance is often a great problem for the users while using a grinder. But there are no such issues with this grinder. The users can keep a very good balance with this device. The grinder also comes with rolling papers. Besides, the many grip option has made it more attractive the users.


  • Easy handling
  • Many grip option
  • Various gripping styles
  • Paper holder in the lid
  • Medical grade
  • Unique ID
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with no threads
  • Fast lock system
  • Flawed locking mechanism
  • Leaks
  • Terrible functionality

#4 Santa Cruz Shredder

Cleaning a grinder is often hard for the users. They are to experience some sort of troubles on the cleaning of the grinder. But this piece is not like them. This is a bit different from them. As a direct user, you can clean the grinder without any hassles.

Furthermore, the aluminum coating has made the grinder sold. Hence, a regular use will not let the device to be weaker. The users are also able to boil mineral spirits aiming to clean the grinder. The screen of the grinder also belongs to the top quality and allows the smallest particles to pass through it. Without any sharp teeth, it is difficult to get the smooth grindings.

The grinder comes with sharpened teeth and it helps to grind almost all types of herbs and elements. The teeth are also able to stem in line with grinding herbs which is also beneficial for the users. The grinder comes with a lid managed with magnet. So, the lid will closed and opened and at any time.


  • User friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Magnetic lid
  • Sharp teeth
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cross threading prevention
  • Moderate size
  • Aluminum coating
  • Scratch protection
  • Wear protection
  • Trouble with sticky herbs
  • Breaks easily

#5 Platinum Herb Grinder

Advertisement of the grinders is the best way to make it popular among the users. But in reality, the advertised products are the not one which is advertise for. The users find deficiencies in the products and get cheated. Though the advertisements describe the grinders as made of metal, they prove to made of plastics. But the scenario is completely different with this grinder. This is one of the premium quality grinder and comes with some special features.

Furthermore, pricing is an important issue to consider in this case. The price of this grinder is reasonable. And in exchange the users will have the experience to get something special. This a perfect grinder for those who are looking perfection in grinding. This is a grinder that can provide the best smooth grinding experience to its users.

The body of the grinder made with the premium plane grade aluminum and thus this a bit more durable than the other ordinary grinders. This is a tough grinder with 49 diamond shaped teeth. The magnetic lid helps to open and close the grinder top. Grinding will be a pleasant experience to you with this device.


  • Easy operation
  • 49 teeth
  • Diamond shape teeth
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Quality product
  • Perfectly grinds every time
  • Magnet lid
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Slip-free grip
  • Best size
  • Efficient grinding
  • Less durable than advertised
  • Often gets jammed

#6 Space Case Grinder

The number of reliable grinders is on the decrease. Though the other manufacturers are on the view that their products are the best, the users can define if they are the best or the worst. But there are no such matters with this grinder. This is special product from this manufacturer. The grinding teeth are sharp and made to last longer days. The screen of the grinder will not clog. By the same time, the lid is made with neodymium magnet.

As a result, the opening and closing of the grinders is easier than before. This is a durable grinder and comes with four pieces. Furthermore, the users can grind lots of herbs together with this grinder. The device is made with the aircraft grade aluminum.

As a result, the grinder has become more durable than ever. The teeth of this grinder are as sharp as razor, and so, the users will get a very smooth grinding by investing less efforts. The space case is made with titanium and the nonstick properties of the grinder has made it stronger.


  • Sharp teeth
  • Specially made
  • Nonstick properties
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable opening
  • Easy to close
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Less cleaning
  • Good for smokers
  • Reliable grinder
  • All the pieces do not work
  • The case loses powder coating

#7 Medium Santa Cruz Shredder

Comfort ability is an important issue before purchasing a grinder. So, if you want the grinder for your home use only, it should be comfortable in all aspects. It should be handy to use and the operation should also be smooth. Furthermore, the capacity of the teeth should also be perfect in all terms and conditions.

Based on all such aspects of regular or ordinary use, this is a great piece. The grinder made with lightweight materials so that the users can use the device with comfort ability. This is also a great device for people who are suffering from hand or joint troubles. The grip of this grinder is comfortable for those who are unable to grind something.

Furthermore, this grinder also allows its users to do the grinding for the sharp teeth it owns. In fact, the teeth of this grinder are capable to grind the herbs in the finest way. Moreover, this is the type of grinder that will not disappoint its users like the other ordinary grinders. Despite being a simple handheld grinder, the performance will make you amazed indeed. The grinding is able to shock the users for it is the finest one they will ever see.


  • Sharp teeth
  • Easy grinding
  • Handheld
  • Moderate height
  • Moderate length
  • Anodized coating
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Attractive design
  • 7 catch thread design
  • Cross threading prevention
  • Comfortable lid
  • Less durable
  • Made with cheap materials

#8 Santa Cruz Medium Gold 4 pc Grinder

Grinding is a tough task if you do not have the right piece of grinder with you. Besides, there are a good number of pieces found in the market and are consider as the best grinder. But in reality they are not so as advertised. They do not provide the best service to the users. Hence, a good number of trouble occurs while grinding herbs and other materials. This is a very good and simple grinder that will provide you the best satisfaction.

This grinder comes with a design that will attract the users too much. Furthermore, the grinder is cozy. By the same time, this is comfortable to everyone. The grip is easy to hold. Besides, the grinder is lightweight and thus it is convenient to all ages of users. The grip is also textured and does not need a lot of pressure to grind the herbs inside.

People with disabilities can also use this grinder in a comfortable way for its special design. This is a bit pricy product than the ordinary grinder’s bur in return the users will have a different sort of experience. The grinder is preferable for regular use and it is able to grind.


  • Easy to use
  • Fine grinding
  • Sharp teeth
  • Quality materials
  • Great look
  • Nice finishing
  • Smooth operation
  • Best for regular use
  • Strong lid
  • Pricy
  • Large screen mesh
  • Middle threading

#9 Golden Gate Grinders

This is a difficult matter to get the best grinder amid hundreds of pieces. Some of them are good while the most other belong to the worst quality. So, the users cannot rely on the available grinders on the market unless they assured about any specific product.

This is a premium grinder that comes with a premium quality. The manufacturing of this grinder is adorable. It made from plane grade aluminum. Computerized CNC machines also play some important roles in its manufacturing process. The filters of this grinder are from stainless steel. So, you can use the filters as long as you want. And there are less chances for the filters to be damage.

Furthermore, the teeth of this grinder are super sharp. When the teeth are not sharp to the extreme level, it is difficult to grind the herbs. So, the users do not need to worry about the sharpness of the teeth. Besides, the teeth are place in the right position to grind the herbs. Moreover, the designs of the teeth are also attractive. As a result, the grinder has become one of the finest one among the other ordinary ones.


  • Balanced weight
  • Four-piece grinder
  • Airplane grade aluminu
  • Sharp teeth
  • Ideal size
  • Can grind lots of herbs
  • Premium quality
  • 2.5 inches in size
  • Magnetic lid
  • Odor free
  • Comfortable grip
  • Reliable&
  • Noise free grinding
  • Problem with mesh
  • Bad assembly
  • Less lasting

#10 King Top Herb Spice Grinder

Majority of the grinders come with a smart and good price. But in reality, they are not worthy of the price. They are unable to provide the best service in exchange of their price. So, this would be a great piece for those who are seeking a very good grinded within a reasonable price.

This an economic grinder that comes with all the benefits of a premium grinder. This grinder is able to grind almost all types of herbs and spices without causing a great trouble for the users. The grinding is also smooth and it is able to grind without any chunk.

The grinder has a beautiful look and provides the experience of a fine grinding within a minute. The grinded can grind the herbs in to smaller portions and consistent pieces so that they become effective while in use.


  • Economic
  • Attractive design
  • Sharp teeth
  • Better performance
  • Fine grinding
  • Faster grinding
  • Best for home use
  • 3 inches
  • Durable material
  • 45 sharp teeth
  • Consistent grinding
  • 4 pieces
  • Problem with magnet lid
  • Mesh bends a lot


Finally, it is evident that grinding is not a difficult task if you have the best grinder with you. In fact, finding the best weed grinder or the best herb grinder, 2020 is tough if you do not have the right idea where to seek or how to get the one. Majority of the grinder reviews recommend the grinders for home use only. And the pieces which are available on the market are actually made keeping the issue of regular use in mind. Hence, the above list will help the potential users to get the best piece for their purposes.


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