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Best Wheelbarrows Reviews 2018 – Recommendation & Buyer Guides

Gardening is not possible today without best wheelbarrows… Or is it?

Although, there are many useful and popular design of wheelbarrow brands on the market. But Finding that which wheelbarrow is best for gardening isn’t an easy job.

That is why we have created a list of Best wheelbarrows 2018. With all of the pathos, we researching online and recommend these top rated wheelbarrows, we have shortlisted the top 10 heavy duty wheelbarrow which you can buy right now.

#1 Worx Aerocart Multifunction  – good to carry flower pots, small trees, mulch bags, straw bales

If you are looking for the best wheelbarrows, WORX Aerocart Multifunction, Dolly and Cart is the best one for you for the features it contains. This is a great transportation tool for your lawn where you heap up tons of unnecessary loads. The car is a durable one that helps to clear the loads within a second. The length and width of the cart are wide enough to carry a substantial amount of loads. Furthermore, the entire body of the cart comes with a steel frame which has made it more durable than the ordinary carts. In fact, this is a great cart for a longer lasting use.


Technical Specs

The cart is technically sound. It comes with flat tires. In addition, the tires are free to move. Hence, you can take the wheelbarrow anywhere you want. Moreover, it comes with an extension arm. When not in use, you can keep the arms in a folding condition. The arms are helpful for the users in different aspects. The wheelbarrow comes in several colors including orange, silver and black. It is able to carry loads around 300 lbs. In addition, the cart requires less maintenance of all of its parts. Hence, the users do not need time to waste after its care.

Pros Cons
• Versatile use
• Moves instantly
• Adjustment with gravity
• Durable
• Heavy duty body structure
• Made with steel
• Easy to keep balance
• Flat tires
• Less maintenance
• Extension arm
• Applicable for light weight
• Less warranty
• Difficult assembly

The features We Love

This is a cart for versatile use and we love it most. The users can use the wheelbarrow to carry a large number of loads and carry them to their destinations. Some of the ordinary carts are unable to carry different types of loads. So, the versatility has made it loveable to all.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the Best Wheelbarrow 2018, you can try this one. Actually, the Wheelbarrow Reviews favor this pieces for its special use and features. The look, the use, comfortability and price etc. are the prominent issues with the wheelbarrow. So, you can try it at once.

#2 Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential – best two-wheel wheelbarrows

This is another impressive wheelbarrow after a good number of Wheelbarrow Reviews. It comes with some specific features which attract the users most. It seems like that the wheelbarrow has gained a global reputation for its special and beautiful features and benefits it provides to the users. The cart comes with two wheels and this especially relevant to mention that the wheels come with air. They are not like the flat tires and thus they are less heavy. The wheelbarrow is able to perform a good number of tasks. In addition, it is easier to control and move from one place to another.


Technical Specs

This is a great wheelbarrow of the time to provide the best service to your needs. The product is available in green color. The measurement of the wheelbarrow is 35 x 16 x 14 inches while it weighs only 33 pounds. This is one of the best seller wheelbarrows and people are impressed with the service they receive in exchange for the money they spent for it. Shipping is available inside the USA only while international shipping is also possible on some terms and conditions. With its ergonomic handles, the cart is easy to push forward and backward and carry the dumps at the exact locations.

Pros Cons
• Wheel with air-filled tires
• Easy to move or lift
• Quick balance
• Cushion grip
• Rust proof
• Easy pushing or pulling
• Load capacity 300 pounds
• Fits your home
• Easy install
• Less 29 pounds
• Only for residential use
• Requires tools to install
• Poor construction
• Chances of tire leakage

The features We Love

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart is a great wheelbarrow for home use. It comes with the lightweight feature which is the biggest strength of this wheelbarrow. Besides, this is a perfect one for small-scale use.

Final Thoughts

The Marathon Yard Rover is a great tool indeed for supporting your gardening project. The special features of the wheelbarrow are outstanding and make gardening easier than before. You can try it or check the wheelbarrow reviewing sites for further information.

#3 United General WH89685 – Wood handles & perform for the homeowner and gardener.

A gardener for the hobby? Having trouble with the garden wastes carrying issues? No problems. United General WH89975 Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow would be the best match for you. In addition, this is a great cart to store and work after your convenience. Moreover, the price of this piece is reasonable as well which is the key attraction for the wheelbarrow. The cart is mostly applicable for small-scale tasks. So, it fits homeowners or small gardeners who do not need to clean the lawn or garden every day. It comes with some specific features and the wood handles are outstanding indeed.


Technical Specs

This is a contractor grade wheelbarrow that is used several purposes. The cart comes with an 18-gallon steel tray to collect garbage or waste materials. The wood handles are ergonomic in design and thus usable in every situation. The cart comes with non-flat tires while the undercarriage is heavily formed. The heavy duty undercarriage is able to support almost all types of loads on the cart. The carts weight is 38.4 pounds. So, it is easier to handle and transport from place to place.

Pros Cons
• Easy to handle
• Ergonomic design
• Perfect for home garden
• Less weight
• Versatile use
• For home users only
• Handle wood decays shortly
• Easily breakable handles

The features We Love

The heavy duty undercarriage is the most loving feature of this wheelbarrow. Because of the strong under carriage, the cart is able to carry a notable amount of loads. Besides, the tires have made movement comfortable for this wheelbarrow.

Final Thoughts

Because of its size and shape, the wheelbarrow is able to perform a good number of tasks. The wheelbarrow is a perfect match for those who prefer to make a lawn or garden before the home. The load carrying capacity has been made considering the home users alone. So, people with large needs or loads may not get the right benefit with this.

#4 Polar Trailer 8449 7 – lightest wheelbarrow (Under $200)

Polar Trailer 8449 is a small wheelbarrow that is able to perform some special tasks which are even impossible for the best heavy duty wheelbarrow to complete. The cart comes with some extraordinary features and may be the best one in small sized carts available in the market. Despite being small, the wheelbarrow is able to carry a huge amount of loads on its back. Besides, the cart body is well-structured and has a stylish look. In addition, the car is moveable from one place to another with its wheels. The wheels are made of rubber that has increased the durability.


Technical Specs

This is one of the lightest wheelbarrows made so far. The cart is able to carry around 400 pounds because of its strong structure, But the mechanism is simple. The dimension (in inches) of the cart is 50*28*29. The high impact polyethylene tub is durable than the ordinary carriers. The ball bearings are covered and consequently, the wheelbarrow has become durable. The structure comes with a steel frame while the frame is associated with powder coat. The easy assembly is the another feature of this wheelbarrow.

Pros Cons
• Lightweight
• Heavy duty
• Carries 400 pounds
• Handles everything
• Rubber tires
• Shielded ball bearing
• Easy assembly
• For home use only
• Assembly design is complex

The features We Love

The cart is able to carry 400 pounds though this is smaller in size. So, everyone loves this feature without any second thought. Moreover, the cart requires less maintenance than the ordinary wheelbarrows. So, the users are in love with it.

Final Thoughts

Most of the wheelbarrows are made to deal with the commercial wastes while many others are made for the home use alone. So, if you are a home user and planning to have a wheelbarrow for your backyard or lawn or the small-sized garden, you may try this out. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

#5 Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 3.25-Cubic Foot Lawn Cart

If you are looking for a fixed wheel wheelbarrow, Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 would be the best fit for you. This is a very special type of cart that is able to carry a huge amount of loads on it. The wheelbarrow is also easy to use. Furthermore, it comes with the ergonomic design while it is also moveable to one place to another. So, the users do not need to worry about the transportation of their regular dust, woods or any other gardening materials from the storage to garden or from the garden to the storehouse.


Technical Specs

This is a two wheeler wheelbarrow and it comes with fixed wheel. So, the users do not need worrying about the wheel changing or something else. The handle is attached to the cart body and it seems more convenient than the other ordinary wheelbarrows for this feature. The wheelbarrow is able to carry about 200 pounds together. The cart has also gained some positive customer reviews in several Best Wheelbarrow 2018 reviewing sites.

Pros Cons
• Lightweight
• Easy to use
• Fixed wheels
• Ergonomic design
• Carries 200 pounds
• Easy transportation
• Perfect for small garden
• Comfortable to all seasons
• Easily cracks
• Less strong
• Preferable for light works

The features We Love

This is a loveable ‘dump truck’ for users of home. In fact, this is a perfect piece for small users who have a little space outside of home filled with green grasses and flower plants. The cart is able to carry a huge amount of loads despite being small in size.

Final Thoughts

It seems like that the home users have got their desired thing. This cart is able to lessen their sufferings of carrying the heap of grasses or waste materials on their hands or heads. In addition, it works great. Transportation of smaller items to and from the garden is easier than before.

#6 Jackson M6T22 6 cu ft Steel Wheelbarrow

If you want to have the best wheelbarrow for your home or domestic works, you can pick this one for its stylish features and advantages. The wheelbarrow is made with strong elements to bear a huge amount of loads. Besides, the versatile use of Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces is the key reason for its popularity. The users can use the wheelbarrow for several purposes like collecting rocks from the garden, removing wastes from a garden, carrying flower containers and more. Furthermore, the shape and size of the wheelbarrow are convenient for all ages of users.


Technical Specs

The Jackson M6T22 comes with some special features which are great indeed. A tray of the cart is the most important issue. The tray of this wheelbarrow is made of steel. As a result, the tray is durable than the ordinary wheelbarrows. In addition, a tube tire accompanies the tray. So, the issue of mobility is not a problem at all. The dimension of the wheelbarrow is 36 x 25.5 x 27 inches while the weight is 10 pounds. So, the users are able to deal with this lightweight cart easily. The wheelbarrow comes with 6 cubic feet capacity to carry loads.

Pros Cons
• Heavy duty steel made product
• Light weight
• Can carry a notable amount
• Durable tube tire
• Ergonomic handle
• Troubles with tire maintenance
• Handle breaks easily

The features We Love

Most of the cases, users are unable to pull a heavy weight wheelbarrow. So, the lightweight cart is perfect for them. The lightweight feature of this cart has made it convenient to the users and this is also the most loving feature.

Final Thoughts

The users should keep in mind that this wheelbarrow is only for small-scale domestic use. The users will be unable to use it for commercial or any professional use. So, it is suitable only for those who are seeking a small wheelbarrow for their backyard garden.

#7 Gorilla Carts Gor866d With 2-In-1 –  best Carts for homeowner & commercial

With the support of Gorilla Carts GOR866D, the users can perform the heavy duty tasks easily. All the tasks are effortless and hence the users of the cart can focus on other issues during their leisure hours. The formation of the wheelbarrow is durable and it is applicable to all types of works for its heavy duty capacity. Besides, the cart is also popular for it does not need any maintenance at all. The users can have a smooth use with the cart for longer days. The users can depend on the high steel frames of the cart and are able to carry a huge amount of loads.


Technical Specs

This is one of the best heavy duty wheelbarrows that comes with a rust-resistant feature. the users are able to carry about 1200 pounds at a time with the cart. The quick release dump is another feature of the wheelbarrow that has made the tasks comfortable. As a result, unloading materials from the cart has been the easiest task of the world. Furthermore, the cart comes with a 13-inch tire which simplifies the portability. Though the height of the cart is only 25 inches, it can perform a good number of heavy duty tasks within the shortest span of time.

Pros Cons
• Heavy duty
• Quick release button
• Carries 1200 pounds
• Both professional and home use
• 1-Year warranty
• Easy transport
• Saves time and energy
• Difficult assembly
• Noxious chemical smell
• Cracks easily

The features We Love

This is one of the Best Wheelbarrow 2018 that can haul 1200 pounds together at a time. This is the feature that we love most. Considering the price, the wheelbarrow provides a good number of benefits to the users.

Final Thoughts

This is a heavy duty wheelbarrow. The users can apply it for several purposes. So, you can have this one if you have a large garden or you are planning to have some professional level tasks.

#8 Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow – best kids wheelbarrows

Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow is basically made for kids, not for professional use. The wheelbarrow is able to carry the small amount of loads on it. The cart comes with ergonomic wood handles that have made transportation easier. In fact, the kids are able to carry all their stuff and materials they need to play in the courtyard. The cart comes with a strong formation. The tray is made with steel. So, there are fewer chances of leakages or decay with this cart. The wheel of the cart is molded and as a result, the kids are able to push the cart to the places they need to go.


Technical Specs

Though this is a small wheelbarrow, it comes with durable components. The steel undercarriage is strong enough to carry heavy loads. It is especially relevant to inform that they cart looks like toys of children but it really works. It is durable than the ordinary wheelbarrows and has a nice finishing. The Wheelbarrow Reviews are favoring this wheelbarrow for its special features. The handles are made with hardwoods. So, they are durable enough and easy to carry the cart. Since this is not for professional use, its load capacity is smaller than other carts. It can carry around 7 pounds together.

Pros Cons
• Easy transportation
• Made for fun
• Wood handles
• Looks nice
• Steel tray
• Durable
• Steel undercarriage
• Suitable for kids alone
• For small-scale use
• Carries only 7 pounds

The features We Love

The cart comes with wood handles. This is the most loving feature of the cart. The wood handles bring an authentic look on the cart.

Final Thoughts

If you want your kids to learn gardening, you can have this one to help them learn the entire gardening process. This is a perfect took for kids over three years of old. There are no sharp edges with the cart and as a result, this is a safe tool for them.

#9 Gotobuy Wagon Cart 400 LB – for the gardening, farming,warehouses

Often people look for heavy duty wheelbarrows for their lawns or gardens. But they are unable to get the right one. Almost all the wheelbarrows come with some sort of issues that make them unusable in different situations. So, they are always seeking the top quality wheelbarrows for their needs. Gotobuy Wagon Cart 400 LB Capacity Utility Heavy Duty Yard Garden Home is one of the most potential carts for them that helps to carry a notable amount of loads on its back. The cart has a versatile use – it is usable on personal, commercial or industrial aspects.


Technical Specs

This is the cart the comes with high-quality steel made a body. It is able to carry 400 pounds of materials at a time. Besides, the cart comes with a corrosion resistant feature. So, it will remain the same even after a long use. The wheelbarrow is more famous for its comfortable grip, padded handle, and folding sides. With the folding sides, it can carry a lot of supplies or materials from one place to another. Hence, the transportation has become effortless. The cart is also equipped with turf tires. The tires can run on almost all the surfaces. It comes with a weight of 42 pounds.

Pros Cons
• Heavy duty steel
• Versatile use
• Comfortable handle
• Easily moveable wheel
• Hauls 400 pounds at a time
• Corrosion resistant
• 10-inch Turf tire
• Lightweight
• Assembly is a bit difficult

The features We Love

The removable folding sides are the best features of this wheelbarrow. With the folding sides, the users can carry a large number of supplies, trees or other materials. Besides, the users can detach the sides if they are in need of.

Final Thoughts

This wheelbarrow is a good one for versatile use. If you are looking for a durable wheelbarrow, you can have this one. There are fewer troubles with the cart and it is a convenient dump truck for all types of your needs.

#10 Lifetime 65034 – Best Heavy Duty Lifetime Wheelbarrow

If you need something that can reduce your gardening burden to some extent, you can rely on Lifetime 65034 without any second thought. Usually, the cart manufacturing deals with the recycled materials. As a result, the wheelbarrows become stronger ones than that of the other available carts. This cart has a different design and some extra features. The wheels are able to support some unusual loads. The most important advantage of this cart is its durability.


Technical Specs

The users can rely on this cart completely. It is made of the recycle materials. It can carry a load of 550 pounds. The design is different from the other wheelbarrows. Because of the design, the loads on the cart turns lighter. Dumping loads are also easier with the cart. The wheels are extra wide than the other available ordinary carts to support a huge amount of load. Stability is the another feature of a cart. The wheels carry the maximum portion of the load while the users do not need to worry about pushing the heavy materials on the cart. The steel frame is rust free. Furthermore, they can survive in unfavorable weather as well.

Pros Cons
• Easy to use
• 2-year warranty
• Built with recycled materials
• Extra wide wheels
• Hold 550 pounds
• Load reduced for design
• Lasts less than advertised
• Complex assembly

The features We Love

The feature of controlling gravity is mostly love able. When loads are on the tray, they are divided into two parts. The majority of the loads are on the wheel while the user is to carry a small portion. As a result, this is gaining popularity in the present days.

Final Thoughts

This is a reliable mate for your gardening needs. You can use the wheelbarrows for your regular use. It seems likes that the cart is usable in every situation and weather but in an opposite, all the wheelbarrows are not suitable for round the year use. Hence, this one could be a great source of help for your supply transportation to your garden or inside the industry.

How to choose the Best wheelbarrows ?

Wheelbarrow is of great importance to people with gardening or planting trees. This is in fact of great use to them to carry goods and supplies from one place to another. They are also adorable in terms of design and features. But not everyone is able to purchase the right wheelbarrow for their needs. Furthermore, they are unable to use the wheelbarrows in right manner. Hence, they cannot derive the benefits from the carts. This article will guide them to get the right piece for them.

To choose the right wheel barrow, at first you need to know some important aspects and issues. Here are some important issues to consider before you make the move to get the Wheelbarrow to meet your needs.
Know your needs- usually wheelbarrows are for transportation of supplies and goods from home to garden or garden to garage or store house. So, before purchasing a wheelbarrow, you need to know about the needs. If you have to carry a huge amount of loads, you need to have a larger wheelbarrow. But if the size of your working place is smaller, it is better to use the smaller wheelbarrows.

In addition, there are some informational mistakes about the users. They do not know how to use the wheelbarrows. They exactly do not have the idea utilize the wheelbarrow. As a result, the do not get the right support from their carts. Hence, if they know the needs, they would be able to get a better usage from their wheelbarrows.

Check the tray – there are a wide number of wheelbarrows are available. The contain a tray for carrying the supplies and goods. But before you make purchase, you need to analyze the tray properly. Often the users need to carry heavy loads on the tray while sometimes they need to carry lightweight loads. So, the users should consider the types of loads they need to carry regularly. As a result, they will have the idea which types of tray the need with their wheelbarrow.

Service – this is another aspect to consider. Most of the wheelbarrows come with different services. So, if you need some extra services, please check the features if the Wheelbarrow has such additional features or not. Majority of the standard wheelbarrows come with the capacity to carry a heavy load or versatile use. As a buyer, you should check it before buying.

Check the wheels- because of the necessity, the wheelbarrows come with several types of wheel. So, it is you who will decide either the wheelbarrows will come with a single wheel or several wheels. In fact, the wheels are helpful to make the transportation easier. The more the wheels are, the easier the tasks become. So, you need to check the number and necessity of wheels before you get a wheelbarrow.

Read the reviews – At present, there a wide number of reviewing sites are available. Hence, if you need to know more about the wheelbarrow, you can check the reviews. The reviews are of first-hand experience. So, you can rely on them completely.

Types of Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow is really an important thing to the gardeners. It has a variety of use. Most of the cases, the wheelbarrows are made of considering the needs of the users. Hence, there are a good number of varieties are found in the market. Some of the most usual types of wheelbarrows are as followed.

Single Wheel – there are some wheelbarrows which come with a single wheel. They also have two strong handles with them for easy transportation. But sometimes balancing is a problem with such wheelbarrows. Furthermore, the users need to push the cart harder as they are difficult to move with the single wheel in all types of surfaces.

Double wheel– generally the double wheel wheelbarrows are comfortable to use. They are easily moveable. They also come with two legs in front part. As a result, movement with loads on the Wheelbarrow becomes easier.

Structure – Some of the wheelbarrows are available in metal body while some others are available in plastic body. Actually, the users need to select the body type after their needs. If they need to carry heavier loads for a long time, it is better to move of the metal body. And if they have smaller tasks and need to carry less loads or lightweight loads, they can have the wheelbarrows with plastic body.

Besides, there are some steel made wheelbarrows are also available in the market. So, if you need something extraordinary, you can take this one for your needs.

Tire types – you can also get your Wheelbarrow based on your needs. First of all, you are check that what types of wheels are you required. In addition, you have to consider the surface where you will use your wheelbarrow. There are three types of tires are available now.

The tires include – pneumatic, semi-pneumatic and non-pneumatic. They have different distinguished features. Pneumatic tires are the best one among this three types. And they can absorb shocks than the other types of tires.
Buying Specifications

To buy a wheelbarrow, one needs to think a lot. This is an investment for a long time. So, the investors should be wise in selecting a wheelbarrow. There are some specifications that will help the potential buyers to get the right piece for them. The potential users need to know about the specifications completely so that they could get the best benefit from their wheelbarrows.

Furthermore, if they are aware of the specifications, they could also be able to maintain their wheelbarrows and ensure a longer lifespan. In a word, if you are in need of durable service from your wheelbarrow, the specifications will help you get the detail of everything. The specifications are described below.

Know the Difference – of course there are some differences between a Wheelbarrow and a garden cart. They are dissimilar in shape and size. Besides, the use of both the elements are a bit different as well. So, before you take the decision to buy a wheelbarrow, you need to know the cart perfectly. In opposite, you are unfamiliar with the Wheelbarrow designs properly, there are chances that you may purchase a garden cart instead of a wheelbarrow. Garden carts come with a vertical side while the wheelbarrows have an oblong shape.

Controlling – this is another issue to consider. In fact, without a very good controlling system, you would be unable to get the benefits of your wheelbarrow. Besides, it is really inconvenient if the Wheelbarrow is hard to move from one place to another. Definitely you will not want your Wheelbarrow to standstill even in a plain land even after a hard push.

Capacity – the load carrying capacity is a great issue to consider for a wheelbarrow. Often you may need to carry a huge amount of loads. But if the Wheelbarrow is not able to carry the load, you might need to arrange for something else. Hence, it is important to know about the capacity of your wheelbarrow. When the Wheelbarrow is smaller and carries a large amount of load, it becomes heavier to move. If you have the right capacity, you can transport them in their respective places in due time.

Space – Space is another issue for the wheelbarrows. And this is also an important specification for the piece. If you have a large piece of wheelbarrow, certainly you will need a spacious place to preserve the thing. But in opposite, if you have a small wheelbarrow, you may not need such a large place. It is wise to get the Wheelbarrow considering the space available you have to store it.

Manufacture – Everybody wants to have a well-constructed wheelbarrow. Because, such elements last longer than the other sort of wheelbarrows. So, if you want to have such a durable one, you will need to check how it is manufactured. First of all, the wheelbarrows are available in different shape and size. So, you need to check how the Wheelbarrow is manufactured. There are a wide variety of wheelbarrows are available. Some of them are made with plastics while many of them come with steel. When you will plan for a long-term use, you have to consider the issue seriously.

There are some plastic-made wheelbarrows are also available which are really durable. But they are not as equal to the ones come with metal-made trays. Furthermore, if you need to complete some of tasks which may need less loads, you can think of the plastic made. In fact, durability comes within the metal. In addition, the metals of wheelbarrows come with some specific features. Mostly they are strong and provide a better service. They are heavy as well. On the opposite, the plastic trays are lighter and easily moveable.

Decide your Goods – generally the wheelbarrows are used for carrying goods and supplies from one place to another. To make it shorter, the goods are transported from garage or home to garden or vice versa. But you have to decide your types of loads because based on the load types, you will decide which types of Wheelbarrow you will need. If you want to move straw, grass or plants with the wheelbarrow, you can use any of the available wheelbarrows. But if the loads or supplies are of heavy weight or contain any corrosive or toxic substances, you have to think different.

Consider your Surface – not all the surfaces are the same. Hence, there are a good number of changes in the surfaces and they require special type of wheelbarrows. So, before having a Wheelbarrow for your ordinary purposes, you should know the tires of the Wheelbarrow if they are adjustable with your surface or not. In addition, there might be some other issues about the surface. Hence, you also should know about the land you are using for gardening carefully.

Know about the cargo loads – many of the Wheelbarrow users do not care about this issue. But this is one of the most important issue to consider. You have to know about the specifications of your Wheelbarrow that how much load it can carry at a time. Usually the smaller wheelbarrows cannot take a large amount of cargos. Besides, they come with a small haul in the tray to transport loads and supplies. In opposite, the larger ones come with a big haul on the tray. And the haul helps to carry large amount of loads.

5 Tips of buying best wheelbarrows

Before having a wheelbarrow, you need to know some tips and tricks. It will help you to get the best one for your use. Here are top five tips that you should know before buying a wheelbarrow. In fact, without the tips, the wheelbarrow buying guide will remain incomplete. Hence, for the convenience of the buyers here are the top tips to make the purchase process easier and effective.

Check the Wheel Capacity: most of the cases, the buyers do not check the wheel. They are satisfied with the external look and do not know how the wheels really are. So, it is important to know about the performance of the wheels before you have it. Put some load on the wheelbarrow and check the wheel performance. If the wheels go flat or behaves unusual, there are something wrong with the wheels.

Construction Material: you need to check the construction material as well. Press the plastics from the tray or touch the steel or metal frames. It will help you gaining some ideas how durable the tray and the body will be. It easily detectable that if the wheelbarrow is made of cheaply materials. If you are not satisfied with the materials, it better to leave the wheelbarrow and move for a different brand.

Move the Handles: comfort ability is an important thing. As the wheelbarrows need to push, you are to push by handles. Check the handles if they are ergonomic or not. Do not forget to check if the wheelbarrow could be moved from one place to another by the handles easily.

Smart Design: a smart design is also an important aspect. The wheelbarrow should come with a standard design. Only serving the purpose is merely enough for a wheelbarrow. If it comes with a great design, the working spirit will get an increase instantly. In fact, working with a nice tool helps to inspire on the work.

User-Friendliness: this is the top most important aspect for a wheelbarrow. If it is not user friendly, as a direct user, you would be unable to use the tool for long. It is hard to concentrate on faulty wheelbarrows. So, you should check it correctly before making the final decision.

In conclusion, it appears that wheelbarrow is a great cart that reduces the labor of the gardeners. Before the invention of wheelbarrow, it was really difficult to carry the loads and supplies from one place to another in hands. Wheelbarrows have really brought a great change. We can also use it for different other purposes as well. But before buying a wheelbarrow, one should consider many aspects and take the right decision. The wheelbarrow buying guide is developed based on some real life experience. Hope it would be beneficial for the readers.

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